Additional Books by A. Louise Staman

Loosening Corsets
The Heroic Life of Georgia’s Feisty Mrs. Felton, First Woman Senator of the United States.

From the Eric Hoffer panel of judges:"In 1922 Rebecca Latimer Felton became the first female U.S. Senator forthe term of only one day. This accomplishment might seem insignificant if itwere not for Felton’s long and active involvement in social reform andultimately women’s suffrage. Born into the destruction of the plantation south,Felton’s life parallels the reformation of Georgia from the ashes. Staman is anengaging biographer and does well to show us the landscape as well as Felton’sintriguing course of events. You’ll finish this book remembering that there isa seat at the table for everyone, if we strive hard enough and demand the verybest of ourselves."

Spanning nearly a century (1835-1930)the life of Rebecca Latimer Felton wasprofoundly changed by the disastrous effects of the Civil War andReconstruction upon her beloved state of Georgia. Although she had once been aSouthern Belle, then loving wife and mother on a large cotton plantation, shebegan to step out of the traditions expected by southern chivalry andtradition. With her husband's encouragement, she became a woman politicianforty-seven years before she got the right to vote. A tireless crusader, herattempts at political and civil reform are set against the backdrop of a statein violent chaos. Sherman's matches, Reconstruction's graft, one-partycorruption, the KKK, lynchers, hallelujah evangelicals, chain-gang convicts,the sneering H.L. Mencken "unsexed" suffragists, WCTU crusaders, andsomething possibly worse than anything else -- a tiny insect called the bollWeevil -- all strut or crawl or sweep across the pages of this work.

Original photos, indexed, endnotes,hardback, 266 pages; ISBN-13 978-09787263-1-7

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With the Stroke of a Pen

On the night of December 2, 1945 a famous publisher and three lawyers met together ona deserted Paris street corner. That meeting went very well for the lawyers.But the publisher received a bullet in his back.

Robert Denoël left his native Belgium and came to Paris in 1926 with virtuallyno money or contacts. Within a few years he founded his own publishing house --Les Editions Denoël, and by the time of the Nazi Occupation, he was one of themost significant figures in the history of French publishing. But Denoël wasnever good at following the rules. He published works by the Communist LouisAragon and the Russian Jew Elsa Triolet (both French resisters) along with theanti-Semitic Celine and the fascist Lucien Rebatet. Caring more about greatliterature than political expediency, his decisions often put him at odds withthe Nazis, the Vichy Government, and even with liberated France.

Denoël’s murder, and the subsequent acquisition of his company by his arch rival,involves a web of crime, murder, betrayal, love, and cover-up not often foundeven in the most intricately plotted crime fiction.

Using sensitive documents recently unsealed by the French government, authorA. Louise Staman traces the events leading up to the infamous murder, andilluminates a fascinating cast of characters set against the backdrop of Franceduring the roaring 20’s, turbulent 30’s, the Nazi Occupation, and theLiberation. WITH THE STROKE OF A PEN is both a riveting true crime story andmesmerizing biography of a fascinating man. The story of Robert Denoël has beenlong untold, and his murder officially unsolved—until now.

Originally published by St. Martins Press, this book by A. Louse Staman is now available through Tiger Iron Press.  Original photos, indexed, endnotes, hardback, 354pages.  ISBN-10: 0-312-27213-8

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Home-Grown Georgia Poems

"Home-Grown Georgia Poems" is a little likecomfort food. It shows the beauty of Georgia in its different seasons, the landand its people. It also describes the antics of the cats who have at one timeor another lived with the author in her home state of Georgia.  This is a book designed to providehappy moments. It makes a fine little gift for a friend or family member.

Soft cover, illustrated, 18 pages, no ISBN.

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Rupert and the Bag

A story for all ages about a little kitten that is forbidden to enter a bag, and, of course, does so with great gusto.  Teaches color, color combinations, tolerance, and the wonderful results of sharing talents.  This book is wonderfully illustrated by famed western artist, Rich Adams,who deliberately makes the book more colorful with each turn of thepage.  

Illustrated by Rich Adams, hardcover,  35 pages. ISBN: 978-0-9787263-0-0

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