A. Louise Staman has been a writer, poet, and researcher for nearly all of her adult life. She has located criminals, learned that a ‘high-born’ heroine was once a prostitute, and traced many lives through wars, occupations, corruption, and malice. She will conduct her searches through court houses, archives, and libraries with the same enthusiasm and care as a robber casing a bank, and she loves to interview those who once knew her characters, finding their personal stories to be a fascinating addition to history. 

Mrs. Staman lives in Savannah, Georgia with her husband of over 50 years, Dr. E. Michael Staman. Her most recent book, "Restoring Lost Times”, is her sixth published book (one published in Paris) and her thirdbiography. She has written for French and English journals and has won several prizes for her writing. She has three married daughters and loves to dote on her thre grandchildren, which is why she also published a children’s book: "Rupert and the Bag."

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